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posted 03/20/2022
Slowpitch Player Spotlight #4

Click on image to learn about Della H. of Tball Team 2!

SPOTLIGHT #4 - DELLA H. OF TBALL TEAM 2<br>In pre-K at Providence Academy, Della has some great answers to questions. How many years have you played softball? "26 years," she says. Della's fun personality - like most Tballers - comes through in everything she does. "It's darling to see the girls forming friendships and cheering each other on," says Della's mom, Heidi, and assistant coach on the team. "Della loves being with her teammates and it's so fun to see them all giggling with each other." Besides softball, Della also enjoys obstacle course, basketball, tennis, piano and ballet. Plus "going to the Ice Cream House (Dairy Queen), blowing up balloons, playing with my cousins." Her favorite food? Mac and cheese. Favorite book? Strawberry Shortcake. As for coaching her daughter, Heidi says, "I played at Bennett when I was little and then again in high school at MHS. It's been fun to play with Della on the fields I played on growing up. It's been good for the girls learning to take turns in the batting lineup and allowing their teammates to have a turn getting the balls. They've come a long way."SPOTLIGHT #3 - VIVIAN K. OF MACHINE PITCH 4<br>In her first year of playing softball, Vivian has displayed a definite love for the game! A 2nd Grader at Excelsior Elementary School, her favorite part of playing is "we get to play against other teams. I like hitting and base running!" Besides softball, Vivian also enjoys swimming, coloring, playing with neighbors and her two dogs. Her mom, Joeleen, is the head coach of the team. Joeleen played slowpitch and traveling fastpitch through high school and has worked with athletes - from youth to pros - as a Health and Fitness Specialist. "I have enjoyed fostering the players' beginning skills and basic understanding of the game while having fun with them," says Joeleen, who has a career in healthcare. "Vivian was surprised I knew so much about sports, and we have been able to bond in a meaningful way outside of parent-child daily life. Team sports have proven to build lifelong positive attitudes toward body image and self esteem, in addition to supporting proper sports conditioning for the future. Plus it's just plain fun!" As for Vivian, her favorite food is chips and guacamole. Favorite book? Owl Diaries.SPOTLIGHT #2 - TESSA R. OF 10U TEAM 2<br>A 4th Grader at Minnewashta Elementary, Tessa is in her second year playing MGSA Slowpitch. She loves to bat and is a strong all-around player on her team, which is coached by her mom, Brenna. Besides softball, Tessa also enjoys reading, drawing, audio books, playing with friends and playing the piano. Her interests include art, theater and music. As for playing slowpitch, her mom says, "there are lots of opportunities to learn resilience and perseverance since no one hits the ball every time. The players get to focus on their own skills and learn to work as a team." Brenna's favorite part of coaching is "getting to have some fun with my daughter and hang out with her and her friends." Tessa's favorite food? Lasagna. Favorite TV show or movie? Aquaman. Favorite books? Wings of Fire, Keeper of the Lost Cities and The Unwanteds.SPOTLIGHT #1 - FLORI R. OF 13U HATZUNG INSURANCE<br>Our first Slowpitch Player Spotlight of the 2022 season is Florinda "Flori" R. of 13U Hatzung Insurance! A 5th Grader at Scenic Heights Elementary, Flori enjoys exercising, riding her bike, reading books and drawing. In her first year of playing softball, Flori has quickly stepped in and displayed great enthusiasm and always developing skills. She most loves batting and her smile lights up the dugout! Her favorite food? Pasta with Caesar salad. TV show? The Amazing World of Gumball. Book? Diamond Willow by Helen Frost. Her family, which moved here from New York, includes her father Michael, mother Elaina, younger sister Lydia and younger brother Ry.

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posted 04/10/2021
Field Status
Benilde St Margaret - St. Louis Park OPEN (8/15) 
Bennett 3B - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Bennett 3C - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Bennett Batting Cage - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Bennett Miracle Field - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Deephaven #1 - Deephaven OPEN (8/15) 
Deephaven #2 - Deephaven OPEN (8/15) 
Freeman #4 - Shorewood OPEN (8/15) 
Freeman #6 - Shorewood OPEN (8/15) 
GroTonka - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Groveland #1 NW - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Groveland #2 NE - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Guilliam 1 - West - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Guilliam 2 - East - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Legacy Batting Cage - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Legacy1: Club Z Tutoring - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Legacy2: General Store - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Legacy3: Vibe Realty - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Legacy4: Caribbean Mar. - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Manor Park - Shorewood OPEN (8/15) 
Minnewashta - Excelsior OPEN (8/15) 
Minnewashta #3 - Excelsior OPEN (8/15) 
MME NE Field 5 - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Optimist - Minnetonka OPEN (8/15) 
Sunset Ridge - Chanhassen OPEN (8/15) 



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