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posted 07/09/2021
2021 Slowpitch Players of the Week & SENIOR SPOTLIGHT

Click image for info on our Player of the Week and Senior Spotlights!

Player of Week #8: Audrey Barnholdt, Tball Team 2.<br>Audrey, who will be a Kindergartener at Scenic Heights in the fall, loves to run the bases and play pitcher. Besides Tball, she also is involved in dance and swimming. "The girls have been so great," said Ryan Barnholdt, Audrey's father who co-coaches the team with Dane Odden. "They show up every week with amazing energy, ready to play and have fun. They have grown so much as players. It's fun watching them get in a good rhythm out there. Dane and I are proud of them, and there have been so many parents helping out each week. All the kids have been so kind to the coaches and each other. They make it fun to be there with them. And I secretly love when Audrey sneaks over to give me a hug after running to first base or while she is rotating through drills." Great job coaches! It's been a fun season!Player of Week #7: Frances Lindgren, High School Pet Stuff.<br>Fran, who will be a junior at Minnetonka High School in the fall, started playing in MGSA in 8th grade. Since then, she's recruited a handful of friends to play and is the consummate great teammate! She's also a standout shortstop and makes great contact with plenty of line drives. Fran's younger sisters also play softball: Vivian plays on the Whirl 14U team and Georgia plays on the 10U 1 Blue Bandits Slowpitch team. "I like playing slowpitch because of the really fun people and the great opportunity to play the game," Fran says. She also plays hockey and runs cross country and track, and participates in musical theater and choir programs. Her favorite subjects in school are history and English. "I have always loved to read and write so English is my happy place!" This summer, Fran will participate in 2 hockey programs and run cross country. "Gotta get 200 miles by August," she says. "And, of course, spend time with friends and family."Player of Week #6: Lily Guerrera, 10U Engel & Volkers.<br>Lily, who will be a fifth grader at St. Therese Catholic School in the fall, is in her second year playing in MGSA. She has quickly developed into a strong all-around player and has helped lead her team to 5 wins in its last 7 games. Her favorite subjects in school are science, gym, music and reading, and she also participates in swimming, volleyball, robotics and downhill skiing. What does she like most about playing slowpitch? "Having fun with friends and learning how to pitch." What does this busy player have in store for the summer? Overnight camp, swimming, boating and biking with friends!Player of Week #5: Neve Dunn, Machine Pitch 6 Purple Cheetahs.<br>A 1st grader at Minnewashta Elementary School, Neve loves to "play third base and get outs!" Besides softball, she also enjoys dance and swimming. The coach of Neve's team is her father, Michael. "I love watching the girls improve and gain confidence," he said. What area has he seen the most improvement this season? "Swing speed and great contact!" Keep swinging hard Neve and fellow Purple Cheetahs!Player of Week #4: Elsie Erickson, 13U Team 2.<br>Elsie, a 7th grader at Maple Grove Middle School, is a newcomer to MGSA Slowpitch. She has stepped in to help lead her team to a winning record as a standout pitcher, fielder and hitter. She can do it all! Her favorite part of playing slowpitch is "making new friends." She also participates in basketball and dance, and enjoys theater and singing. Her favorite classes in school are English and Health. Why does she like playing in MGSA? "Everyone is really nice and it's a fun experience. I like that there are a lot of games." When asked who her favorite athlete is, Elsie responds: "All of my Neon Pickles teammates!"Our second Senior Spotlight of the 2021 season is Nina Krueger of Event Lab! A longtime MGSA Slowpitch player, Nina is a great hitter, fielder and base runner, and always puts team first. It has been such a pleasure to have Nina in the program for 12 years and see her develop as a fun player to watch and an outstanding role model! She will be attending UW-Eau Claire in the fall.Player of Week #3: Val Kelling, HS The Caribbean Marina.<br>A freshman at Minnetonka High School, Val is a standout infielder/outfielder, hits a lot of line drives with power, and is FAST. That should be no surprise, since she is one of 2 Caribbean freshmen who also sprint on the MHS Varsity Track & Field team! Val, who lists math and drama as her favorite subjects in school, is also involved in the Youth Development Council at MHS and loves the performing arts, especially dance.  She started playing softball in Tball. "I love playing softball on this team and I really look forward to it during my week," she said. "I love the teams I've been on and spending time with my friends." As for her dream job, Val said it would involve plenty of travel.Our first Senior Spotlight of the 2021 season is Jenna DeJong of Event Lab. She is definitely making a statement as a senior, hitting 3 home runs, including 2 walkoff homers to win games! Her 2 biggest fans are her parents, Bruce and Tracy. Jenna is also a veteran MGSA Youth Ump, and is a great leader in the umpire program and on her team. Way to go, Jenna!Player of Week #2: Tess Venjohn, 13U Slowpitch Team 3.<br>A fantastic pitcher and all-around player, Tess is a 7th grader at Minnetonka Middle School East. She enjoys History in school, and counts tennis, singing, piano and hanging out with friends as her other activities. The youngest of four siblings, Tess began playing Slowpitch in 3rd grade.  She LOVES Starbucks and Target! What she enjoys most about playing softball? "My teammates!"Player of Week #1: Emmiline Beckman, Machine Pitch 2.<br>Emmiline is our first Slowpitch Player of the Week! She first started playing Tball at age 3 and now is a big hitter in Machine Pitch! A 1st grader at Clear Springs Elementary School, she also enjoys basketball, art and dance. Her mom Jenny Beckman is coach of Emmiline's team. "I wanted to coach to have special time with Emmiline," Jenny said. "I like meeting new kiddos and helping them develop a love for sports!"<br><br>

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posted 04/10/2021
2021 Slowpitch, Machine Pitch & Tball FUN!
MGSA President Kelly Wischmeier presents Terry Larkin with the first-ever MGSA Lifetime Achievement Award. Terry served as a Slowpitch coach and umpire for more than 25 years!Frankie Wandrei of Caribbean Marina having fun in the Firecracker Classic High School division!Event Lab captured 2nd place in the Firecracker Classic High School division on Sunday, June 27 at Legacy Fields. Event Lab played 4 games on the day, forcing a second championship game and playing in two 1-run games.The Tonka 3 Tigers captured first place in the 10U Firecracker Classic on Sunday, June 27 at Legacy Field 3. The Tigers went an amazing 16-2-2 this season. Way to go, girls!Tball FUN!Batter UP!Drop the bat and RUN!!!Sara L. of Machine Pitch 2 is ready to play on Opening Weekend!Machine Pitch 2's Sara L. is loaded for a big hit!Machine Pitch 2 and 3 having FUN on Opening Day on Sunday, April 18 at Legacy Fields.Cousins from Tball Teams 4 and 5 show off their Opening Day smiles.

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Weeknight Parking at Legacy Fields at Minnetonka High School

For Minnetonka Girls Softball Association and visiting players, parents, fans and umpires

April, May and early June weeknights at Legacy Field are always very busy due to after-school athletic activities (Baseball, Softball, Track, Lacrosse and Tennis), and parking can be a challenge.

There are two parking areas near Legacy fields, the Lower parking lot directly adjacent to the fields and the large Upper parking lot near the baseball field entrance and High School West Entrance.


Parking in the Upper parking lot

Parents/Fans/Players are always encouraged to park in the Upper parking lot and walk down the steps to Legacy Field.  There is almost always sufficient parking in the Upper lot for all activities.


Parking in the Lower parking lot

During April, May and early June (when school is still in session and there are after-school athletic practices/games at the stadium, lower baseball, Legacy and tennis courts), parking in the Lower parking lot is very tight.  MHS after-school athletic practices/games typically begin between 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm.

MHS players are asked to park in the Upper parking lot.  MHS team parents/fans typically will park in the lower lot for home games/matches that usually start by 5:30pm.

During MHS games/events (in particular lacrosse and track) at the stadium, the MHS Activities Department restricts access to the Lower parking lot usually from 4:45pm - 8:00pm.  This is due to safety concerns with the road sharing vehicle traffic and pedestrians.

When there is a gate attendant at the entrance to the Lower parking lot, the following persons can approach and receive permission to drive down and park in the Lower parking lot.  DRIVE SLOWLY AND WATCH CAREFULLY FOR PEDESTRIANS.

  • Head Coaches with equipment
  • Umpires for MGSA slowpitch and fastpitch games
  • Senior citizen fans
  • Handicapped permits

All other MGSA players and parents should park in the Upper parking lot and walk down to the field.

ALWAYS PARK LEGALLY or you’ll be at risk of ticket/tow.

Also, please keep all dogs OFF fields and leashed!

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Field Status
Benilde St Margaret - St. Louis Park OPEN (9/27) 
Bennett 3B - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Bennett 3C - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Bennett 3D - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Bennett Batting Cage - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Bennett Park-Miracle Fld - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Deephaven #1 - Deephaven OPEN (9/27) 
Deephaven #2 - Deephaven OPEN (9/27) 
Freeman #4 - Shorewood OPEN (9/27) 
Freeman #6 - Shorewood OPEN (9/27) 
Groveland #1 NW - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Groveland #2 NE - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Guilliam 1 - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Guilliam 2 - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Legacy Batting Cage - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Legacy1: Club Z Tutoring - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Legacy2: General Store - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Legacy3: Vibe Realty - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Legacy4: Caribbean Mar. - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Manor Park - Shorewood OPEN (9/27) 
Minnewashta - Excelsior OPEN (9/27) 
Minnewashta #3 - Excelsior OPEN (9/27) 
MME 4 - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Optimist - Minnetonka OPEN (9/27) 
Sunset Ridge - Chanhassen OPEN (9/27)