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Marit Schultejans returns as MN Whirl Director!


Welcome back Marit!


Minnesota Whirl Monthly Newsletter

A monthly recap of all things MN Whirl

Upcoming Dome Schedule


The dome is up and running and that means our dome season can get underway. The dome season will officially kick off on Sunday November 14 when all 8 Whirl teams will use the dome to scrimmage and practice. Check below for more details:

3:00-4:30 pm:
16U Black vs. 16U White Scrimmage (North Dome)
13U Gold vs. 14U Gold Scrimmage (South Dome)
13U Black/14U Black Practice (North Cages)
18U Selects/16U Gold Practice (South Cages)

4:30-6:00 pm:
13U Black vs. 14U Black Scrimmage (North Dome)
18U Selects vs. 16U Gold Scrimmage (South Dome)
16U Black/16U White Practice (North Cages)
13U Gold/14U Gold Practice (South Cages)

There will be two additional Whirl training dates in November. The schedule and details are below:

Wednesday November 17:

5-6 pm:
14U Pitching and Catching (South Cages)

6-7 pm: 
16/18U Pitching and Catching (South Cages)

7-8 pm:
18U Selects and 16U Gold Practice (North Cages)
13U Gold and 13U Black Practice (South Cages)
16U White and 16U Black Practice (South Turf)

8-9 pm:
18U Selects and 16U Gold Practice (North Turf)
13U Gold and 13U Black Practice (South Turf)
16U White and 16U Black Practice (South Cages)

Sunday November 21:

5-6 pm:
16U White and 16U Black Practice (South Cages)

6-7 pm:
14U Gold and 14U Black Fielding Practice (South Cages)

7-8 pm:
14U Gold and 14U Black Hitting Practice (South Cages)

Tournaments This Month

A number of teams will be participating in the Turkey Trot Tournament during Thanksgiving weekend. The time blocks and locations for each team are listed below. More information about specific game times and other details will be communicated by the coach of your team. 

The times are just the windows in which your 4 games could be played. These are not necessarily the start or end times of your first and last games 

13U Gold/13U Black
14U Silver Division
Rosemount Irish Dome

Sunday, November 28
7 am - 5:40 pm

14U Gold
14U Gold Division
Rosemount Irish Dome

Friday, November 26
7 am - 5:40 pm

16U White
High School Silver division
Holy Angels Star Dome

Friday, November 26
7:50 am - 6:30 pm

16U Black
High School Open Division 1
M Health Dome, Blaine

Friday, November 26 12:30 - 3 pm 
Saturday, November 27 7 - 9:40 am

18U Selects
High School Open Division 2
Rosemount Irish Dome

Saturday, November 27
12:20 - 11 pm


Top Fall Performances

Congratulations to all Whirl teams on completing a fun and successful fall season. Below are some of the highlights from the fall!


18U Selects
Field of Screams Tournament Champions
Fall Frenzy Runners-Up

16U Gold
Minnesota Softball Fall State Tier 1 Berth

2-2 Record at Minnesota Ice Invite

16U Black
Minnesota Softball Fall State Tier 1 Berth

16U White
Mandy Matula Classic 2nd Place
Minnesota Softball Fall State, Top 8 Finish in Tier 1

14U Gold
Whirl Autumn Invite Consolation Champions

14U Black
Whirl Autumn Invite 7th Place

13U Gold
Whirl Autumn Invite Champions

13U Black
Minnesota Softball Fall State, Top 8 Finish in Tier 7



Player Spotlights

A number of Whirl Athletes had standout performances this fall. We had 6 athletes join the Bomb Squad by hitting home runs this season. Congratulations to Reagan Pedersen (18U Selects), Lindsey Dolan(18U Selects), Anna McKinney (16U Gold), Anna Gilardi (16U Gold), Ava Frey (16U Gold), and Maggie Wozniak (16U Gold)!


November Birthdays...


Jane Kusilek (13U Gold), Piper Liwienski (14U Gold), Fiona McCracken (14U Black), Tillie Olson (14U Black), Isabella Phillips (16U Black), Karley Heinsch (16U White), Maddie Murray (16U White), Genna O'Brien (16U White), Berit Fitzsimonds (18U Selects), and Mae Weiss (18U Selects)!!


Happy Thanksgiving!

We are excited to see all Whirl players in the dome this month. Good luck this winter and have a great Thanksgiving!






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