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MGSA Fastpitch News
Check here frequently for the latest information of interest to all fastpitch players and families.


10U/12U Fastpitch Tryouts & Team Formation

Tryouts will be conducted over 2 days: Monday, July 19th and Tuesday, July 20th at MHS Legacy Fields.  This year, both days are mandatory to attend.  Players MUST be registered for fall ball to attend tryouts.

10U Pitchers & Catchers:  4:45pm-7:00pm

10U Utilities:  5:00pm-6:30pm

12U Pitchers & Catchers:  6:45pm-9:00pm

12U Utilities:  7:00pm - 8:30pm

Please fill out the following 2 forms prior to tryouts.  This will assist in a quicker check-in process:

Fall Player Availability Form (6U, 8U, 10U, 12U)

Fall Player Declaration Form (10U, 12U)

All 10U/12U Fastpitch players must participate in tryouts.  If for some reason your player is not able to make either of the tryout sessions, she is no longer eligible to make an A level team.  If you have an unavoidable conflict with one or both tryout dates, or in the event of injury or illness, please contact fastpitchdirector@tonkasoftball.org as soon as possible.

MGSA strives to have rosters of 11 players on all 10U/12U teams. To ensure the maximum number of registered players can be placed on a team, we strive to place a maximum of 12 players and a minimum of 10 players on a team, although we will make every effort to place all registered players.  In the event we have to limit the number of teams due to insufficient players, team roster decisions will be based on player try-out scores, with no guarantee of placement on a team.  Any player who registered AFTER the registration deadline will not be allowed to take a place of a player who registered prior to the deadline.

12U Selects team will also be formed from tryout scores.

Team Formation:

  • The goal in forming teams is to maximize the growth of all players by placing like-skilled players together.
  • The Fastpitch Committee will strive to form tiered teams with like-skilled players based on tryouts and evaluation data.
  • A level teams will receive a minimum of two pitchers and two catchers in their age group.
  • 10U and 12U must choose to tryout as a utility player or positional player (pitcher and/or catcher).   However, if a player wants any guaranteed time as a pitcher and/or catcher on her team, she must be placed on a team based on her positional player score.  In other words, if your daughter wants to pitch and/or catch, she must be evaluated and be placed on a team according to her pitching and/or catching score.  Although a player can choose to tryout as a positional player and also elect to check the box on the tryout registration form to be placed on the highest team possible no matter her positional score, if she is placed based on her utility score she will not be guaranteed any time to pitch or catch.  The Fastpitch Committee therefore strongly encourages all pitchers and catchers to focus on developing these important positional skills and selecting to be placed accordingly.
  • The Fastpitch Committee will determine teams and positional player placement based on tryout and evaluation data, and pitcher/catcher needs for all teams.

6U & 8U Fastpitch Team Formation

At 6U & 8U, our goal is to provide an opportunity to develop the basic skills and love of the game. 

Girls will be placed on teams based on the below criteria:

  • Friend/Coach Request
  • School
  • Age (1st year / 2nd year)
  • Registration Date (the earlier your register, the better the chance that your requests will be taken into consideration)

Please fill out the following form after registration to assist in proper team formation size due to player availability:

Fall Player Availability Form (6U, 8U, 10U, 12U)

Fastpitch Tryouts

Our goal is to provide a tryout environment that is fair to all players and allows them to demonstrate their abilities to a group of well-qualified, independent evaluators.  Our evaluators have significant fastpitch experience, particularly with tryouts, and are vetted by the MGSA Fastpitch Committee.  

The tryout drills and situations are predetermined and are intended to demonstrate specific skills and game sense that the evaluators translate to a point scale.  

All tryout data is kept confidential and is not shared outside of the Fastpitch Committee.  

Once fastpitch teams are formed, decisions are final, rosters will be created and shared on the MGSA website, and an email will be sent notifying you of team placement.

Player Uniforms

All 6U/8U/10U/12U Faspitch players will receive a uniform shirt and socks that are included in your registration fee.  
All players are expected to provide their own black softball pants.

Player Age Restrictions

MGSA does not support playing up to the next age level.  A player's age on January 1 of the current year determines the age classification at which that player is eligible to participate.  

For Fall 2021:

Players with birth years of 2009 and 2010 will play 12U Fastpitch

Players with birth years of 2011 and 2012 will play 10U Fastpitch

Players with birth years of 2013 and 2014 will play 8U Fastpitch

Players with birth years of 2015 and 2016 will play 6U Fastpitch

*Players who play within their correct age level will be given precedence over any player wishing to play up.  If an age division has enough players to fulfill all roster spots, the Fastpitch Committee will not consider any players wishing to play up.  We encourage families to consider the benefits of staying within the correct age group.  If numbers prove that we need players from younger age groups to play up, the committee will review tryout results and contact parents of those players. 

Articles on the benefits of keeping your child playing at her age level.

USA Hockey Magazine: The Pros and Pitfalls of Playing Up

Youthletic: The Benefits of Playing Up

Who Can Play Tonka Fastpitch?

Age levels at and below 12U are not open divisions.  If your daughter attends school or lives in the Minnetonka School District, she is eligible to play for Tonka Fastpitch.  A player from another community will be able to play for Tonka if she receives a waiver from her current association.  This exception must be communicated and agreed upon by both associations.  If all conditions are met, the player can play for Tonka, but will not be eligible to make an A team until she has completed one spring/summer season with Tonka Fastpitch.

Player Equipment

Required Equipment

· Glove

· Black Softball Pants

· Fielder's Mask - MGSA requires the use of fielder's mask at all infielding & outfielding positions for 8U-12U.  It is optional, but highly recommended for 6U.

· Batting Helmet with facemask and chinstrap (we request that all new batting helmets be purchased in either blue, black, white, or silver)

o   Fastpitch players are required to provide their own helmet.  Note that it must have a facemask stamped with approval from "NOCSAE" and also have a chinstrap to be legal in fastpitch league games and tournaments.

o   RIP-IT Vision Pro featuring Blackout Technology

Recommended Equipment

· Batting gloves*

· Bat*

  •  The only bats allowed for use in USA Softball, Minnesota Softball, Big West, and Tri County are ASA or USA Softball stamped bats.  These bats are also approved by MSHSL and NCAA.

· Sliding Shorts (to be worn under softball pants)

· Sliding Sleeve

· Cleats (Rubber cleats for 8U, 10U, 12U)

*Due to Covid-19, either batting gloves OR bat are REQUIRED.

Updated 7/10/21