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Doubleheader moved to TUESDAY at Optimist!
by posted 07/22/2021

Hi, 14U Travel,

Your doubleheader this coming Sunday HAS BEEN MOVED to Tuesday, July 27 at Optimist Field.

Games are at 6:30 pm and 8 pm. Second game will start 10 minutes after first game ends.

Your opponent will be a different Burnsville team than the one you faced last weekend.

Sorry to juggle around your schedule so much!

Keith Wandrei
MGSA Slowpitch Director

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Tonight's scrimmage - weather update
by posted 07/20/2021

Tonight's scrimmage is ON, as scheduled (6 p.m. start at Optimist ... please plan to arrive at 5:30 for warmups). There is a chance of storms, but given potential timing any decision to cancel/reschedule won't happen in advance. In other words, it either won't get canceled, or it will get canceled on site ... so please show up.


See you at the field!


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More 14U softball updates
by posted 07/18/2021

Hi everyone- A few updates at the halfway point of our short travel season:

  • The team played great yesterday in Burnsville! The coaches were impressed with their resilience, competitiveness and positivity against a tough and experienced opponent. When we play our style (smart, conservative defense + aggressive hitting and baserunning) we look really good. If the players learned one thing yesterday I hope it was to not worry so much about our opponents (size/age/experience/etc.) and just play our best. (And if they learned two things I hope the second was to look for and listen to the third base coach...)
  • We have a game 6 p.m. Tuesday against the 16U Tonka team. I'm going to do my best to be there by 5:30 for warmups but it's a quick turn from work in Minneapolis so could be coming in hot. We're down to 9 (possibly 10) players available so please try to be there if you can.
  • I'll be gone for the Sunday 7/25 doubleheader but please continue to communicate absences to me and I'll relay to Angel.
  • If you're signing your daughter up for Fall Ball (5 Sundays in Aug-Sept) feel free to put in a request to keep some of us together on the same team. I registered Elsie this morning and asked that she be teamed "with as many of her 14U teammates as possible." :-)
  • Thanks for all the support/cheering during the games! 

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Game next week moved to Tuesday
by posted 07/15/2021

The 14U vs. 16U game next week has been moved from Thursday to Tuesday due to coach conflicts.

It is at Optimist Field at 6 pm on Tuesday, July 20.

You should have just received a notification.


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by posted 07/15/2021

Hi Lakers fans! A few updates/reminders:

  • We have practice at 5-6:30 p.m. today at Optimist. Please let me know (via app RSVP, text or email) if you have a schedule conflict. So far, I think we're only missing one player tonight.
  • We're scheduled to play a double-header against Burnsville Saturday morning (9 and 10:45 a.m. game times) at Lac Lavon Park (Fischer Fields near the intersection of 160th St and Lac Lavon Drive) in Burnsville. Please check the drive time and have the girls there ready to warm up no later than 8:30 a.m. I will try to be there and ready to go no later than 8:15. Let me know by 5 p.m. Friday if your daughter will be late or absent for either of the Saturday games so I can adjust our lineup accordingly.
  • Due to schedule conflicts for both Angel and I, we're trying to reschedule our Thursday 7/22 scrimmage against the Tonka 16U team. It could be moved to Tuesday 7/20 and there's been a suggestion to do it as a double-header where we play them normally, then mix the two teams up and play a second scrimmage. Not sure how it will shake out but stay tuned for more details.
  • I've gotten a few questions about what pants/shorts the girls should wear and the short answer is "whatever they want!" Preferably softball pants or shorts with thick socks if they're planning to slide ... but with how short the travel season is we're not going to worry too much about whether or not they match.
  • Thanks and please make sure to share any schedule conflicts you have via email (soren024@gmail.com) or text 952-457-8044. FYI I'm out of town on vacation July 21-25 so Angel will be taking the reins for our 7/25 doubleheader. 


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Welcome 14U Players and Parents!
by posted 07/01/2021

Hi everyone! Welcome to 14U travel softball. Before the holiday weekend, I want to give a few updates in advance of our first practice 5:45 p.m. Wednesday,  July 7 at Optimist. Though practice will start at 6, we're doing a brief meeting with parents, players, coaches and program directors in advance.


In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to help ensure a fun and successful season:

  • Volunteer to help coach! Not only do Angel and I have a couple conflicts where we'll need another parent or two to step up and help during games or practices, we would ideally like another "full-time" assistant to help with practice drills, pre-game warmup and base coaching. All you need is a glove and a positive attitude ... we'll make sure you have everything else you need to be successful.
  • Please text (952-457-8044) or email (soren024@gmail.com) me directly, and update in the SSU Play app if you use it, whenever your daughter has a conflict that will make her late or absent for a practice, game or tournament. I would prefer at least a couple days notice (unless it's a last-minute "out sick" situation) to be able to plan accordingly.
  • For all practices, the expectation is that the players are on the field, laced up and ready to go by the official start time. If a practice starts at 5 p.m., that's not dropoff time ... it's when we should be on the field practicing.
  • Unless otherwise noted, for all games players should be at the field and ready to warm up no later than 30 minutes before posted gametime. Depending on the day, I might try to be ready to start pre-game warmups more like 45-60 min before, but not required and I'll try to communicate in advance if that's the case.
  • If your player has a desire to either play or not play a specific position during the travel season, please email me directly with that information in the next few days. Much of the first practice will be spent determining who's a good fit in specific spots (especially pitcher, 1B and the middle infied positions). While the girls will get a chance to move around to different fielding positions, we also want to put them in places where they can succeed individually and as a team.
  • Lastly, and we'll talk more about this in the pre-practice meeting, but we expect our spectators to be respectful cheerers at all times. There will be zero tolerance for any negativity toward our players, our opponents, opposing fans or umpires ... and we ask that you refrain from any coaching from the stands. I can guarantee if our fans follow those guidelines we will not only be representing Minnetonka Softball as it should be, but also modeling sportsmanship for our players and helping make this a fun environment for them. Please spread the word to extended family members who will attend games, and hold each other accountable.


Angel and I can't wait for next week to see those of you we know and meet those we haven't! We will do everything we can to ensure this is a fun, safe and competitive travel season. If you have any questions/comments/concerns please don't hesitate to contact me directly by text, email or phone.



Soren Erickson (aka "Elsie's Dad")



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